The Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is a direct competitor to Xbox Elite Wireless controller which we have here as well. There are a few gaps, though, and we’ll talking here those right now. First of all, this is a wired controller. It consumes a micro USB braided cable that’s included in the box. It’s very long so it should be able to unfold across your front room. Now a lot of hard core gamers elevate a wired connection because of no latency issues and probably that’s here as well.

You too get chroma illuminate. What would a Razer product be without some daylights? And these are fully configurable. You can do everything from exhaling to static to reactive. You can shift them off, you can even control their brightness all done through the Razer Synapse software which is also now available on the Xbox One and that’ll be important for later on when we discuss some of the buttons. Deriving to the bottom here, you do get a work controller, subdue/ mic option You can also store up to two profiles on this design and you can toggle those here as well.

You do too have a immediate map button that will access the establisheds. On the bottom now you have a 3 1/2 mm headset jack which is really nice. Now this whole arrangement right here is usually an optional supplement for the Xbox One Elite controller so it’s nice to have that here. And the buttons act is a great pleasure. They have a delightful click experience to them. When it comes to the controller itself, all these draw away just like the Elite controller. And in the box and the special case you get a taller digit controller, rounded dome, and different options. Same concept with the D pad, it comes off, it’s magnetised, and you can switching between the different D pad stylings.

Other than that you get your usual X, Y, B buttons on the front. They’re pretty good. They have a very different seem from the Xbox Wireless Elite controller. They’re a little bit more shallow, a little more springy. Some beings will like that, others will not. It’s gonna be a personal penchant but I can tell you it is something you will notice when you play.

Coming around to the figurehead of the maneuver in the bottom, you do get a plethora of buttons now. In information, you get 10 configurable trigger alternatives. You get your normal bumpers over here and your initiations. Now the provoke buttons are configurable just like the Elite controller, with these little moves here so you can get shallow travel or you can get deep circulate depending on the type of activity you’re playing, if you’re doing a first party crap-shooter while other parties prefer to shallow wander for quick access. There are currently these two new buttons which are also configurable as well through the control panel and you can blame whatever task to them. Curdle around to the back here, instead of horizontal paddles you have these prompts which are configurable in the defines as well. Now these do not came by, unlike Xbox Elite controller, which is good and bad.

On the other hand, they don’t interfere. So when you’re just representing ordinarily, you really don’t feel these paddles as much as, say the Xbox Elite where you’d want to make them off. Likewise, the Xbox Elite you can easily lose them, I have in the past, so these will ever stick with you, which is a nice alternative. As customary the build tone with the Wolverine Ultimate is very good. You do get rubber control now on the back that seems nice. There’s no groaning with it and it’s a solid controller. The heaviness is a little bit wider than the Elite controller so it doesn’t experience quite as heavy but I don’t have any issues with that either. Speaking of those trigger buttons Razer has included some very unique functionality including focus and agile which are able to mapped to those rear triggers.

Focus will give you promoted precision for improved scoping while agile will improve the responsiveness with the digit adhere for quick actions. Now you an configure those for any other buttons you wish or time swerve them off altogether. That’s one of the unique characteristics of this controller. All right, let’s draw it all in. I like the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller but at $160 that’s a lot of money. In reality, that’s $10 more than the Xbox Elite controller and that’s not insignificant for a lot of beings. Well let’s talk about its pros. I like the braided cable. It works very well, I had no problem in my living room use it. The chroma illuminate? Well, it doesn’t do anything but it surely searches cool. Now you do get two additional buttons now and that’s pretty neat. You can configure that in the choices and I like all the choices that you have including placing profiles on the design itself.

Agile and centre will make some time to get are applied to, but if you’re a hard core gamer, it may be worth your time. Now, to its implementation of wishes between the Elite controller and the Wolverine, I don’t really seem strongly either way. I use both of them. And those A, B, X, Y buttons are different so you’re gonna have shorter movement on those. And like I did, some people will like that, others won’t. Other than that though, the provokes feel really nice to me and the control of the manoeuvre detects great as well. Now I have no real treat breakers with this controller either. Everything used to work as expected and I actually experienced the experience. Selecting between this and the Elite controller is gonna be a tough choice but apparently the Wolverine gives you a few extra the possibilities and it may be worth that extra $10.