Today we will tell you about the Popsockets, one of our hottest endowment this season. So this is a little design that goes on the back of your telephone, and it pops open and closed. So, when it’s closed, they are able to lodge it in your handbag or your pockets and you won’t even know it’s there. When it’s open it’s very cool – it does four happen. First of all, it gives you something to hold onto while you’re talking on the phone. Your phone won’t slide out of your hand accidentally.
All it takes is two thumbs, and your paws won’t ache. Awfully cool. popsockets cheap price available. Where to buy popsockets

Loving Features

My favorite aspect is that it actually allows you to take a selfie without get your thumb in the way. Now I’m nursing onto the phone and it’s secure, and I’m not going to drop it, and my thumb can actually very easily “re going to the” button to make the picture. The third happen, they are able to home the popsocket anywhere on the back of your telephone. When I use it, I like to position it at the bottom of my phone so that I can use it as a stand. So there, I use it in the morning when I’m getting ready. I rectify it on the bar in my lavatory and I can see my phone, verify my texts investigate NPR when I’m listening.
I too keep it like this when I’m at my table so I can see notifications come up. The fourth concept it does, and this is another very cool feature, there is a mount that you can get that you can plaza in your gondola. And again, these are all removable cement from 3M, so it’s not permanent when you arrange it there.
With your popsocket shut, you can then slip your phone into the mount and boom, you’re entrusts free. So you can use your phone with GPS.


Design And Colors

So, this is the popsocket. It’s available in five coloring – silver, off-color, amber, rose amber and black. We can add a monogram to them if you want to make it personal.


  1. Hi Saurav!

    PopSockets!? Wow! To be honest, I haven’t heard of that gadget before, but I already love it. Sounds really helpful. I dropped my iPhone once and the screen cracked. It had to be repaired by apple (as this whole 3D touch technology was new back then and 3rd party repair companies didn’t have replacement screens back then) and it was really expensive. Over 100 bucks, if I recall correctly. One of these PopSockets would certainly have helped to prevent this damage from happening back then.

    Thanks for sharing your recommendation of that gadget with us. Really helpful stuff!

    All the best,

    • Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. I really understand your pain on the broken screen. I have broken my iphone display 3times. Popsocket is really worth buying.

  2. These little babies are ingenious.

    Not only are they practical for keeping your phone in your hand but it would be difficult for someone to to do a ride and grab on you with these, a trend which is on the increase.

    Using as a stand is also an awesome feature. I hate having to hold my phone up all the time.

  3. I have seen these around before and did not know they had a name! This is very interesting, to say the least. I thought they were just plastic circles people were sticking on their phones for fashion. To find they have an actual use is great. This will save so many phones from slipping out of the hands of their users. How many should one person have or is one good enough?

    • One is just fine to have per phone. Too many is just uncomfortable. One will help you to have firm support with your index and middle figure. and you can close the pop once leave your phone on standby. 

  4. I had heard about these before but never looked into them at the time. I love the fact you can stand your phone up on your desk. Simples things hey. I am also a serial phone dropper and I think its time I actually invested in one of these. It would have saved me lots of money. Do you personally own one yourself? Are they comfortable to hold?

    • Its normal to hold. With a weeks time you won’t even feel that the popsocket is present. And more over when you hold the phone the popsocket is generally out to hold it to fulfill its purpose.

  5. I saw these popsocket in a store a few weeks ago but I didn’t pay any attention to them.
    After reading your article now I know they are a great thing that will help us to use our telephones without the worry of dropping them all the time.
    These popsockets will make a great Holidays present for my children 😉
    Already on my Holidays Gifts list to buy!

    • Hey 


      That would be great. A great gift for children and its something that will save you money in the long run. Less the number of phone drops is inversely proportional to saving money.


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