Technology and invention are arriving full speed towards us from so many attitudes all over the world. But, Which Country Has The Best Technology?

Over the last few decades, a lot has changed and honestly and some excellent inventions have made its way in homes and workplaces all around the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology in some way or the other has revolutionized the way people live their lives. From ID cards with barcode scanner to the metro cards with magnetic stripe, self-driving cars to bullet trains that can help you arrive at your destination within a few minutes, the advancements sure are mind-boggling.

Technology today uses scientific knowledge in order to improve day-to-day lives in incredible ways. Not to forget unfathomable advancements that has been made today in the field of military, medicine, digital technology and bioscience. Some of the most technologically advanced countries 2018 have made it to the top because they have used technology in such a way that has aided in enhancing the lives of the people. Mentioned below are a few countries that have earned their position to the top.

The word “Best Technology” can consist of many things – electronics, infrastructure, technical advances, internet, you name it.



If your personal description of best technology revolves around electronics, Japan may be your pick. It’s been reputation one of the top five economies developing cutting-edge digital technology and for the right reasons, too. Japan has the highest attainable standard of silicon for silicon processing chips, helping advancement “the worlds” of electronics. And Japan is a leader in robot production.
They’ve had great success exploiting robots to reduce costs in their auto industry. And Tokyo’s public transit arrangement is one of the best and most reliable in the world, with their fastest improves existing 200 miles an hour! That’s very fast!


Being the world’s largest country, Russia was known to be in a race with the USA to make it the space at the time of the Cold War. Though the country couldn’t be the first one to make it to the moon, it is counted amongst one of the most technologically advanced countries 2018, all thanks to its experienced and talented engineers. Apart from space technology, the former Soviet superpower has also made its name known for inventions in the military industry. On this day, Russia is a powerful global force that exports aircraft, transport as well as a lot of manufacturing equipment all around the world. Russia is also infamous for producing some of the most brilliant and dexterous hackers in the entire world which is just another proof of its advanced technology.


If “you’d prefer” great technology in accordance with the arrangements of futuristic, green constructs and innovative city design, then Singapore may have the best available tech for you. This quickly rising, celebrity of a number of countries is less than 300 square miles and filled to the brim with tall builds, with little tract left. To offset the greenery lost from growth, houses are covered with buds, shrubs and even trees. “There’s” parks on top of constructs and bridges connecting the city’s green spaces.
Plus, Singapore has some pretty solid internet so you could easily share pics of this amazing neighborhood. In early 2017, their internet joining rate peaked at 185 megabytes per second, the most important one flower in the world. The United States is often thought of as the governor in tech, what with Silicon Valley and all, but it seems to be slipping down the ranks. Government-funding for scientific research and development for brand-new tech has been falling for decades. Electronics like the smart telephone you might be watching this on wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for government-funded research.
The US is likewise failing to provide tech workers. It’s estimated “there’s” 3 million more STEM enterprises available than “there’s” beings to fill them. It’s not all bad though. The US does grow the most advanced degrees in science and engineering and publish the most high-impact technical publications. Plus, the US grades second on the Global Competitiveness Index, which takes invention, economy, and infrastructure into account.
So we’ve got all that going for us.


You might be wondering where China comes into play in this conversation. China is a huge governor in the tech industry in a variety of ways and they’re gaining attraction on the US. In words of government spending for technological research, they’re the 2nd biggest spenders and are quickly trap up to the united states. As for everyday tech, their designs are more intelligent more. China has the most machine-to-machine communication of any country in the world. This means that more of their devices are sending letters to each other.
Think, an auto talking to a home security system talking to television broadcasting. And I’m trying to get in on that conference call because it sounds like it’d be a great discussion. With so many technologically-advanced countries, it’s hard to say which one is “best”. But Is it is cool to learn all the technology being developed to help better the world and people’s everyday lives.

The countries listed above are just some patterns. But which country do you think is the most technologically advanced? Let us know in the comment part below.


The United States of America cannot be forgotten when it comes to technologically advanced countries 2018. The GPS was first invented in this country to be used for the fighter jets and today, people use it find direction from one place to another or their nearby Starbucks. However, the most famous is the Silicon Valley which gave the world a completely new generation of skilled software engineers. It is home to several he tech companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Uber and a lot more.


Germany may not have been able to secure a win at the time for the Second World War however; the technological advancements that were made at that time were rather impressive and are in use even today. A lot of them are also being further developed. Germany hasn’t just made itself known in the car manufacturing sector but has also emerged as a global leader in the field of medicine, both homeopathy as well as allopathy. The country has also proved itself in the field of infrastructure, scientific research, engineering, military technology and more with the government readily offering support.


Nearly 35 percent of all the exports in Israel are all related to technology. In fact, the country has more technological based companies listed on the NASDAQ market as compared to other countries all over the globe. Apart from being counted amongst the technologically advanced countries 2018, Israel is also said to be one of the top five countries leading in space science. Its innovations in the defense industry are very impressive and the country is also known for developing the very first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that comes with real-time surveillance.

South Korea

While on one hand North Korea is infamous for boasting about its unbelievably advanced and futuristic submarines and missiles, South Korea, its happier neighbour on the other hand has made its known in the technological sector. The country has also made very impressive contributions in the field of robotics while also housing headquarters of reputed companies like LG, Hyundai, Samsung and more. A lot of technological companies of South Korea are also said to be some of the best in the world.

Fun fact: The average internet speed in the country is around 26.1 Megabits per second which is about four times faster than the average internet speed of 7 megabits per second in other countries.


The United Kingdom conjoined the Allied Forces at the time of the Second World War with the USA in order to design new technology so that they could win the war. With an interesting history which spans over numerous centuries, England happens to be the very first industrialized nation. The worldwide web, the locomotive engine, jet engine, electrical telegraph, electric motor, combat air vehicle, BAE Systems Taranis,  all owe its invention to this country.


Finland is best known for being the home to one of the leading and most successful cell phone companies, Nokia. However, that’s not all what this beautiful country has to offer. This Scandinavian country is also known for Internet Relay Chat, Linux, wireless wearable technology along with the very first graphical user browser. Its high-tech projects are marvellous health care facilities are also much appreciated. With the highest per capita income in the entire world, Finland also provides the most affordable and the very best healthcare facilities around Europe.

Fun Fact: Other than being a pioneer in environmental sciences, biosciences and mobile communication, Finland also is recorded to lead in the happiness index of citizens.


With the economic turmoil in 2008 which caused an upheaval in a majority of the European countries, Sweden didn’t just manage to remain afloat but, surprisingly has also grown consistently in the past ten years. The country is home to some of the most successful and globally recognized brands like Ericsson, IKEA, H & M, Skype, Volvo and many more. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is known for producing more start-ups per capita as compared to any other city all around the world. Nearly 18% of the total population of the country is engaged in jobs related to technology. No doubt, there’s about 22, 000 technological companies there. All of this has been made possible because of the government which does their very best to support start-ups and give employment opportunities to all.


France has been considered as the new leader in the word of online services according to a study that was done by the United Nations. It was in fact one of the very few countries in the entire world which adopted e-governance that changed everything for all its citizens. Worth mentioning is the country’s thirteen million WiFi terminals installed for public all over the country. Nearly 83% percent of France’s citizens are all connected via the internet as compared to the average of the European nations of around 75%.


One of the most technologically advanced countries 2018, Canada is known to be home to technology giants like Shopify, Blackberry, Hotsuite Media and other companies. The country has made major investments in the field of research and development while also offering an education system that’s easily accessible to all. The labour force in this scarcely populated country is rather skilled who have innovative ideas and within coming years, Canada is sure to make its presence felt.


Seeing India on the list of technologically advanced countries 2018 may seem rather baffling to some. However, the fact that the country has come a long way since its independence in 1947 cannot be denied. In just 72 years, India has come to be known as one of the most premier locations for work related to outsourcing. From information technology to accounting, customer service to others, companies often choose India because of all that it has to offer. Bangalore recently saw the rise of Silicon Valley where top companies including Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and others have chosen to set up.

Of course, this is no way of saying that one country is better than the other but, each of them have made themselves known to the world with the advancements that they have made. The next few years would be rather interesting as not only would technology improve, it would actually be pretty difficult to keep up.


  1. HI your article is both informing and thought provoking. INFORMING, in the sense that i never thought china had the most machine to machine communication in the world.Thought provoking in the sense that countries like the UK I hear they have employed drones in civil activities like transportation is this true ?.In Kenya and other African countries are leading in mobile banking technology whats your thought on this.

    • Drone transportation is true. Even Amazon delivers its parcels by drone in US. African Countries are now developing and growing and I see the improvement of the continent. Africa will do good in the coming 10 years and I see the government is helping to open up trade with countries. A great move I must say.

  2. Saurav, a great article makes a person start thinking.

    I do not know if you can say one country is better than the other, as I think countries are involved in different types of technology. Have to agree Japan is the leader in electronics and Singapore in green construction and city design. But don’t forget some of the things being built in some of the Arab countries. Dubai comes to mind.

    My interest is in the trucking industry and the advancements in autonomous vehicles are amazing. Europe and the U.S. lead the way here.

    The next few years should be an interesting time for the world, as I age it will be harder to keep up.

    Interesting post enjoyed reading it. THX

  3. It makes me ponder a lot about life when I read articles like these. Things like how did we get to this stage, where are we going, and what’s my role.

    I’d very much like to visit these countries; especially Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Maybe spend some time learning those languages (as well as refining my Chinese) so I can spend some time in those countries. I love the neon lights and big cities. Technology has definitely brought us far.

  4. Hi Saurav.

    Very interesting read. I am not surprised by many of the countries on your list, but am definitely surprised that Israel made it in there. I definitely did not know they are that well developed. Just goes to show how much there is still to discover in the world.

    I still have a lot of high hopes for Silicon Valley. Wonder what next will come out of Silicon Valley…

    Looking forward to more of your content.

  5. Hi Saurav, your post is very mind opening and comprehensive. I often wonder What will be the next big technological breakthrough? Will it be the autonomous vehicles from the auto industry of maybe an alternative to gasoline from the energy sector? or maybe a cure to cancer from the medical sector? And also, which country will make this breakthrough? I invite you and others to share your thought with me.
    Nir Dolev

    • Research and discovery will happen for sector. There will be cure for cancer and there will be autonomous vehicles as well. Its just a matter of time.

  6. Russia is infamous for it’s hackers – I find that a very funny measuring stick for technologically advanced.

    It is very bad what happened in Japan with the Fukishima disaster and I’m still concerned this is a long term problem or another earthquake/tsunami could cause more nuclear problems for Japan and the world.

    China steals it’s technology by swiping intellectual property from the US, but now that Apple and Google are selling the US out and moving to China it will be even easier for China to steal.

    I think the US is still #1 technologically because of the output of scientists and engineers, but that could slip soon.

    • Thats a very interesting fact to know. Probably China will be the next Biggest SuperPower. US has the best engineering colleges in the world and that too they hire the best from the other countries with minimal payment to do their jobs.

    • I feel optimistic that the US will be paving the way for space exploration in the private sector. That could be a potential gold mine fifty years from now.

  7. Hi Saurav
    What an interesting article to read! Most people focus on ‘the richest country in the world’ but this goes way beyond!
    There cannot be a ranking here in my eyes as every country is specialized in something else. But to me, to see which country established in which technology field says so much more than a simple number of how rich they are because what’s in your article also reflects the potential of a country and not just the wealth.
    Thanks for this article Saurav, I have learnt a lot 🙂

    • Hey Tina. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for finding the article helpful. I have written a completely different article on the richest countries in the world. you can check the latest blog post.


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