I would like to introduce myself as a Digital Marketer. I love Technology and Gadgets since my childhood days. JnexTech is one of my favourite site and I hope this site will help you a lot to keep you updated with Tech.

I would like to introduce myself as a Tech and Gadget Lover. Am online since 2013.

I belong from India and am a Computer Engineer. Graduating from university I made some options in life. I had been never thinking about coding rather was thinking about the business enterprise Applications of Computer.

I started earning online while I used to be in university. My income was more than the ex-students of my university who got positioned in reputed IT Companies on the market. I had been successful much less students but as an ONLINE MARKETER. There are numerous ways to make money online but INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETING is the most effective and Zenith is the limit. If you wish to study from me, please contact me on E MAIL US Web page.

I am the Admin of the website https://jnextech.com and am here to help you have all the knowledge that you’ll require on Technology and Devices. JNexTech is a precious blog for me, as I have always been interested on the Technology Advancements of the Generations.



I wish to Bring a great deal of reality to the internet affiliate marketing world. There’s a great deal of out-of-date and fake information out there and there are a great number of expectations that individuals have without truly understanding what’s involved with affiliate marketing.

I struggled being new on the market. And I help you not to throw away cash on the scam business you don’t find out about.

I can let you know that underlying risk and pressure when you have a chance can in fact serve your business well. That is a genuine motivator and I understand that has added to significant amounts of my personal development and the as business development.

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Saurav Gorai



Godspower is a blogger, writer, and entrepreneur. Started writing at a very tender age, obtained a degree in Mass Communication. My love for writing, i have decided to help people with my blog to educate and inform them about the tech world. He is best known for his blog writing.